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4 Point Inspection

A 4-point home inspection includes HVAC (Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning), Electrical wiring and panels, plumbing connections and fixtures, roof maintenance)

The Most Important Question

“why do this type of inspection is necessary these days and why it the focus for many things, the answer to this question is that the insurance companies are very hesitant to issue the house owners insurance on old constructed houses as their lives are very limited and will indirectly be a liability to them.

Our 4 Point Expert Inspection

Here our company, 323 inspections will help the consumers in generating a good and well understood 4-point home inspection report.

Electric Inspection

A 4-point inspection starts with the basic electrical wiring and panels systems designed for your house as it differs from how big your property is to how limited the requirement of electrical wiring is, our experts will visit your property and examine about the capacity of main service, any shortcoming in the wiring setups present there which could create dangers in the coming days, if any update required in basic wiring setups, the type of material which is used in the making of electrical panel & if there is any unprotected aluminium wiring as it is most rarely possible in a wiring system.

Plumbing Inspection

The plumbing team will try to rectify if there is need to change the material used most probably the used up stuff is plastic or copper; they will also check if there is any system upgrades required in the system moreover they will also look for any leakage or possible leaks in the roofs or any other part of the house and the most important part the heating/hot water heater setup because as time passes it went vulnerable it should be kept maintained and streamlined as it would get your money spent fast if it gets broken or disturbed.

HVAC Inspection

The team from HVAC will look into the problems of the cooling or heating systems in the house (AC and Heaters), the most possible thing they would look for is the date of installation of the systems because they get vulnerable as they get old knowing the date of start they would easily the estimated age of the system and can predict a possible maintenance or replacement moreover they’ll be looking for the most possible issues with the system.

Roof Inspection

The roof maintenance team would be looking for the utmost durability of the roof as the insurance companies will be looking for it as they would also look for the approximate life. The investigation for the roof maintenance is so critical because if its falling will make the people suffer the most. All the reports once inspection is done is compiled will be handed over to you as a good proof of your house health check so you may not suffer from house insurance issues moreover 323 inspection Inc. will help its consumers with best possible help regarding the inspection standards and the quality of activities performed as to keep the consumers intact with the company for the future.

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Our Experienced team will inspect the property according to your complete requirements without exceeding the budget which you have finalized for this work. We will use the best quality products and modern technology to make the proper, accurate and decision-based inspection. It will be our pleasure to assist you and provide the best service.

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