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Energy Loss & Home Efficiency Inspections:

Energy Loss & Home Efficiency Inspections includes the auditor we should analysis of energy flows for energy consumption in the surroundings. In this kind of activity, the inspection teams use to visit the consumer's house and do inspection for the consumptions of electrical equipment installed in the vicinity.

Our Expert Process

The inspection team from 323 inspection services will visit your place at your desired time but make sure there should be someone responsible to guide the team/inspector before the survey begins about the places, when and how the energy consumables were deployed in your house. Make sure you must know about these things in advance just to have a sneak peek about the activity happening. The things are the thermostat level in winters and summers, the average consumption of electricity in your house monthly, the latest deployment or replacement of any major electrical appliance installed locally such as Refrigerator, Air Condition, Electric Heater etc. These answers will help our inspecting team to analyze the energy consumption in your house moreover this will lead to a positive resolution to your problems of daily energy consumptions.

Deep Survey

Our home efficiency inspection team will do the survey in few prominent steps. Firstly, they will do a survey of the whole vicinity to build utility data which includes a bird eye view of the operational equipment & it also includes the deployed study as well. The next state would be about the operational survey which means the provisional analysis of the current state of the installed equipment. This is the main phase in which our certified inspectors would test the equipments with different testing procedures.


The third phase of this inspection would be the evaluation of the extracted data with the absolute conditional results which our team have tested different sites with this analysis of data from both the results will help in finding out the possible way for efficient use of energy and its consumption. In the final phase of the inspection the team evaluate the ways of potential saving and will guide the consumers step by step about the way out and the costumer’s observatory session is the last thing remaining in the whole exercise, this is another very smart way of having good networking with our inspection team. You would tell them your desires according to needs, and we will tell you the exciting work we have just done here with a future possibility of doing it to the next level when you hire us for the same work again the future.

The Experts

Energy Loss & Home Efficiency Inspections is very difficult type of inspections because it requires utmost skills and years of expertise to perform and it's not a job of a regular company to do this of inspection. This inspection always requires deep analysis of many various factors which are directly involved in energy loss. We have years of experience in this field and have performed thousands of these types of inspection and have provided accurate results so effective decision can be taken to make things more efficient.

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Our Experienced team will inspect the property according to your complete requirements without exceeding the budget which you have finalized for this work. We will use the best quality products and modern technology to make the proper, accurate and decision-based inspection. It will be our pleasure to assist you and provide the best service.

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