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General Home Inspection:

Well a general home inspection does include a limited examination of the structure and design of the house, but for us it is a bit different while hiring us for the general home inspection we will make sure that there should be a complete, concise and understandable survey of the house. according to us the general home survey should tell you the true condition of your house.

Detailed Home Inspection

Our services in this domain is second to none as our trained home inspector will visit your home as per your mentioned time and date he will survey each and every corner of the house which depends upon how big your property is, he will take some photographs of the places where he found it tricky to judge whether it requires maintenance or not, as the pictures will solely be taken just for the sake of examination because sometimes it is difficult to examine about somethings like critical leakages, thin cracks etc.

The inspection will be a bit prolonged process as it would be notified to you how long will it take to complete the task once the inspection is completed the inspector will compile an inspection report and hand it over to you. why this inspection report is so important and why we are focusing on its continuous need? First of all, it would be used for the maintenance work that the team will do after the inspection report is thoroughly understood by you and explained to the team working on it they would need this as the notes for their activity secondly it is for your own benefit because maintenance is something that you would do after a cycle of 4-5 years you can use this piece of information to guide us (if we are lucky to be hired again for this work) so the activity would begin from a new standpoint.

A general home survey report will again be generated at the end of our inspection and will be given to you it will help you in the long run as if you are thinking of selling your property to someone they will ask their own inspector to visit the house, and he will charge you with some money here you can crunch some numbers and can save a lot of money by showing him the last successful survey report of this maintenance activity.

Types of General Inspection

Our general inspection includes:

  • Foundation inspection
  • Fireplaces
  • Electrical Capacity and components
  • Windows and Doors Maintenance
  • Insulation etc.

Easy Analysis Report

Now here comes a question of how long and lengthy the report should be as people don’t have that much time to read it completely so the answer to this question is, the report will be concise and easy to go it would not have that much technical wording so one can be confused it will be a computer-generated simply written report with simple English which can easily be understood by any layman who is not that tech-savvy .

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Our Experienced team will inspect the property according to your complete requirements without exceeding the budget which you have finalized for this work. We will use the best quality products and modern technology to make the proper, accurate and decision-based inspection. It will be our pleasure to assist you and provide the best service.

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