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Moisture Intrusion Inspection

Leakage and moisture are a very common problem, and nearly everyone is suffering from these. It can be greater or lesser in some cases, but it occurs everywhere.

Professional Detection

323 Inspection Services are indulged in the detection and rectification domain from a long time, Our Sincere and dedicated team is 24/7 alert for these type of services, we offer services for all type of leakages, there is a common perception that there is normally liquid leakage in houses but now as the climate is changing the gas leakage problems are rising well it is quite understandable that liquid leakage used to occur due to a fault in fixation of plastic water/sewerage pipes but for a gaseous leakage there are numerous reason which includes a malfunction in the gas panel outside your house , abnormal behavior of the thermostat installed with your heater which let the temperature rise & fall automatically or scarcity of required gas in the container and when it gets filled again it use to get leaked from the nozzle as it is not found to be accustomed to the pressure after not being used for so long.

These are the factors which normally a non-specialist wouldn’t know that’s why we as a service provider will provide you with basic information to how to be aware of these problems. Our inspection team will visit your place per mentioned time and will fix any issue regarding leakage of any kind. If substantially found fatal, we would also help you in peaceful replacement of the system installed.

Ceiling Inspection for Moisture

Moist ceilings and rooftops are other big issues as reported many times why it is so important to get rid of moist surfaces? The answer to that call is if something is mossed for so long and unluckily if it is of wood then it is something very problematic as the wood will decompose in the end but before getting decomposed it will create a pungent smell which will not only make the atmosphere unrest but also can create a bad impression if you’re hosting somebody.

Moisture on steel/metals can also be fatal as continuous moisture on steel will create corrosion, and it will take the sustainability of the material on stake. Our inspectors will get you out of this problem as well we have one of the best anti-rusts available in the city with a satisfaction ratio of above 85% our customers would request us through our 24/7 helpline to deliver these anti-rusts to them so that they could get rid of these things easily. Moisture on roofs is a very critical issue because rooftops are the sheds above your heads, and they should be 7 protected and take care off we as a service provider will take care of the fact that the current leakage or the most possible leakage will not affect the people living in the house with proper installation and maintenance of it.

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Our Experienced team will inspect the property according to your complete requirements without exceeding the budget which you have finalized for this work. We will use the best quality products and modern technology to make the proper, accurate and decision-based inspection. It will be our pleasure to assist you and provide the best service.

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